Legendary Helm of the Mroranon

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Legendary Helm of the Mroranon Icon.png Legendary Helm of the Mroranon
Minimum Level: 30
Bound to Character on Acquire
  • Wisdom +14: Passive: +14 Enhancement bonus to Wisdom.
  • Intimidate +21: +21 Competence bonus to Intimidate.
  • Incite +129%: +129% increase to threat generated from melee damage.
  • Command +7: This armor or shield always appears brilliant and gleaming, no matter what the conditions and despite all attempts to paint over or obscure it. Coveted by military leaders of all sorts, it carries a powerful aura that grants a +7 Competence bonus on Charisma-based skill checks. Command armor and command shields make their owners very noticeable, imposing a -6 penalty on Hide checks.
  • Immunity to Fear: The wearer of this item is immune to all fear effects.
Yellow Augment Slot: Empty
Legendary Mroranon's Might: 
  • 2 Pieces Equipped:
+3 Artifact bonus to Strength
+15 Artifact bonus to Melee and Ranged Power

Material: This item is made out of: Steel
Hardness: 38 Durability: 320

This powerful helm is an ancient keepsake of the Mroranon Clan of the Ironroot Mountains.

Base Value: 12,005 Platinum 0.10 lbs
Helm of the Mroranon.png
Where To Find: Only available via crafting
Upgraded From: