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Epic Silver Necklace of Prophecy

From DDO Compendium

File:Silver Necklace of Prophecy Icon.png

Epic Silver Necklace of Prophecy

Minimum Level: 20

Bound to Character on Acquire


  • Glaciation +84: Passive: +84 Equipment bonus to Cold Spell Power.
  • Greater Cold Resistance: +30 Enhancement bonus to Resist Cold.
  • Empty Green Augment Slot: This item has a Green Augment Slot. It can be combined with a Blue or Yellow Augment. Augments can be found in treasure, acquired from Collector NPC's throughout the world, or be purchased on the DDO Store.

Material: This item is made out of: Mithral
Hardness: 12 Durability: 120

This glittering necklace is rumored to contain important hints of the draconic prophecy. They rarely fall in the hands of non-dragon kind.

Base Value: 10,020 Platinum.png  0.10 lbs
Only available via crafting
Where to Loot:
Location Chest/Reward

Upgradeable: Epic Crafting From Silver Necklace of Prophecy