Epic Barbette's Bracer

From DDO Compendium
Bracers 1 Icon.png Epic Barbette's Bracer
Minimum Level: 28
Bound to Account on Acquire
Blue Augment Slot: Empty
Green Augment Slot: Empty
Epic Captain's Set: While wearing both items from the Epic Captain's Set, you gain:
+2 Quality bonus to Strength
Epic The Devil's Handiwork: While wearing five items from Epic The Devil's Handiwork, you gain:
+3 Quality bonus to Ability stats

Material: This item is made out of: Steel
Hardness: 29 Durability: 200

Shoved below deck, the Barbettes held tough, their aim true, maning the cannons with the utmost bravery.

Base Value: 11,220 Platinum 0.10 lbs
Where To Find: Tavern Brawl (Epic), End Chest