Cloak of the Mimic (ML 28)

From DDO Compendium
Cloak 4 Icon.png Cloak of the Mimic (Level 28)
Minimum Level: 28
Bound to Account on Acquire
  • Sticky Goo Guard: This item has a chance of encasing a creature in sticky goo, much like an attack of a mimic. It reduces the creatures move speed and attack speed.
  • Deathblock: The wearer of this item is immune to all death spells and magical death effects.
  • Fortification +139%: Passive: +139% Enhancement bonus to Fortification. (Fortification is a chance to negate additional damage incurred from Critical Hit or Sneak Attack. Some enemies can bypass a portion of your Fortification.)
  • Physical Sheltering +32: Passive: +32 Enhancement bonus to Physical Resistance Rating.
  • DR 15/Lawful: Reduces all non-lawful physical damage by 15.
Green Augment Slot: Empty

Material: This item is made out of: Cloth
Hardness: 10 Durability: 100

This cloak seems to be made of a slightly irregular leather surface. When struck it sometimes exudes a substance that encases the attacker in goo.

Base Value: 1 Platinum 0.10 lbs
Cloak of the Mimic.png
Where To Find: Glynereth: Purchase for Mimic Token Icon.png 80x Mimic Token. This is only available during the Mimic Hunt.