Mimic Hunt

From DDO Compendium
The Mimic Hunt is an event in which every non-raid chest in the game can be a mimic, if opened by a character above level 3. Upon killing the Mimic, you get the normal loot, plus a Mimic Token that can be traded to Glynereth in the Hall of Heroes.
Opting Out

You can opt out of this event by talking to Glynereth and asking for Mimic Repellent.

Once you have the repellent, it stays with you until you speak to her again and ask for it to be removed, or until the end of the event.

One thing to know is this only effects chests that you personally open. If someone else in your party opens a chest, a Mimic could still spawn, depending on whether they have asked for repellent or not.

Forcing a Mimic
By drinking Mimic Bait, you can force the next chest you open to be a mimic. This bait only works on a single chest, so you would have to drink another potion to open a future chest.
Things to Know
There are a few things to be know when this even is running:
  • Chests can be ransacked: after the sixth time, you will no longer be able to get a mimic, and will receive the message You have looted this chest too often to get a mimic.
    • Note that this limit is per character, like all other ransack mechanics, and not per account
  • You cannot get a mimic if you are more than 4 levels over the quest level. This again only applies to the character opening the chest.
    • If there is someone in the party that is within 4 levels, they can open the chest and cause a mimic to spawn. After killing it, everyone in the party will still get a Mimic Token