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Archetypes & Archvillains
Release Information
Released on August 31, 2022

Of Special Note:

  • The Temple of Elemental Evil has been updated!
  • Archetypes have arrived!
    • Archetypes are a new way to play a class! We're debuting with three Archetypes FREE TO EVERYONE:
    • Dark Apostate (Cleric): A Negative energy, dark magic using, Undead-shrouded necromancer!
    • Sacred Fist (Paladin): A Handwraps-using Paladin that combines Ki with Holy energies!
    • Stormsinger (Bard): An archetype focusing on Sonic, Cold, and Electric storm-based spellcasting!
    • When you select a class during character creation, a side window will appear that will contain the Base Class along with any of its associated Archetypes.
  • Bank and Reincarnation Cache User Interface Update!
    • We've updated the User Interface for the Character Bank, Shared Account Bank, and the Reincarnation Cache! Everyone will have the same amount of space they had prior to the update, but functionality has been greatly improved, including the ability to create tabs with editable names!

News and Notes:

Temple of Elemental Evil

  • Temple of Elemental Evil Part One has been turned into two separate quests, with the first containing the Upper Temple and the Earth Temple and the second containing the Lower Temple.
  • Temple of Elemental Evil Part Two has been turned into five separate quests, with each Elemental Node becoming its own quest and the fifth quest leading into and including the fight against Zuggtymoy.
  • Additionally, several quests have had objectives added to make their game play flow more clearly.
  • The Zuggtmoy and Falrinth encounters have had their difficulty adjusted.
  • The rewards for Temple of Elemental Evil have been adjusted:
    • NOTE: Existing Temple of Elemental Evil loot is NOT changing, and everything you have will remain unchanged, including its minimum level.
    • New items now appear in Temple of Elemental Evil at Minimum Level 8 in Heroic difficulty and Minimum Level 31 in Legendary difficulty. These items will appear in End Chests in ToEE quests.
    • There are now four Set Bonuses, one for each of the four elements in the Temple.
    • Some new Augments can be found in random encounter chests, in both Heroic and Legendary difficulty.
    • Some new wands can be found in random encounter chests as well.
    • Old Temple of Elemental Evil named items will now be located in various tougher optional objectives in the new quests. These items remain unchanged.
    • The old Temple of Elemental Evil item crafting system has been removed, although existing Ingredients will continue to exist. Existing base and crated weapons and armor will continue to exist, but will no longer drop. The old crafting station remains in its prior location.


  • Archetypes are new ways to play existing classes, and three Archetypes are now available. Here are specific details pertaining to archetypes:
  • If an ability requires you to be a specific class, any Archetype of that class will also qualify. For example, Dark Apostate (Cleric) will qualify for any ability that requires you to be a Cleric.
  • Archetypes can have different enhancement trees from their base class.
  • Archetypes can have different class Feats.
  • Archetypes can have different class spell books.
  • Archetypes can also have their own alignment restrictions.
  • Characters can multiclass into an Archetype just as they would a regular class, but a character cannot multiclass an Archetype with its base class or another Archetype of the same class. So a Cleric Archetype could multiclass into Fighter or a Fighter Archetype, but a Cleric Archetype could not multiclass into a different Cleric Archetype or base Cleric class.
  • Archetypes have their own Past Lives that fit into the current Heroic Past Life system. If your majority class is in an Archetype, you will earn that Archetype's Past Life.
  • An Archetype's Past Life counts as a Prerequisite for the Heroic Active Past Life Feats, and an Archetype's Past Life Feat qualifies someone for Heroic Completionist if they have not earned it already. If you have one copy of all Heroic class Past Lives done on a character except for Cleric, for example, you'd be able to qualify for the Cleric portion with either base Cleric or with Dark Apostate. This means that as we release new Archetypees, Heroic Completionist won't be removed from players that have already earned it, and new options will open up for players still on that journey. Finally, with this release, Heroic Completionist will become automatically granted to characters that qualify.
  • When you select a class during character creation, a side window will appear that will contain the base class (again) and its Archetypes.
  • When multiclassing into a Archetype, you'll talk to that class' trainer, and you'll be asked if you would like to multiclass into the base class or any available Archetypes. If no Archetypes are available, or if you are ineligible for them because you are already that Archetype or that Base class, then you'll skip to the leveling up section you are already familiar with.
  • When selecting another player or viewing your own character sheet, Archetypes will be displayed in the class breakdown. Example: Dark Apostate 18, Monk 2.
  • You may swap into a Archetype during a Lesser Reincarnation. You won't need a +X Heart to swap levels during that Lesser Reincarnation; swapping into a Archetype during a Lesser Reincarnation does not count towards class swap totals and does not require class swaps to perform.
  • Dark Apostate (Cleric) - Changes from Base Class:
    • Instead of automatically preparing Cure Wounds spells, Dark Apostates automatically prepare the Inflict Wounds spells.
    • Past Life: Dark Apostate: +5 Negative Healing Amplification and +5 Negative Spell Power (stacks 3 times).
    • New Tree: Dark Apostate, Replaces Radiant Servant
  • Sacred Fist (Paladin) - Changes from Base Class:
    • Armor Class Bonus: (1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20) - This version scales off of Charisma instead of Wisdom. If you are part-monk this will use the highest of Charisma or Wisdom.
    • Flurry of Blows (1)
    • Unarmed Strike (1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20)
    • Evasion (2) (Note: they do not get Improved Evasion except as a Tier 5 enhancement in the Sacred Fist tree.)
    • Path of Light (1) - This is the Handwraps deity feat. As with all deity feats it grants Proficiency with its weapon (in this case Handwraps). It is automatically granted rather than being chosen during feat selection.
    • Divine Dream (6) - This is the level 6 "special" Deity feat. It makes you considered to be in Heavy Armor while centered for the purposes of the Sacred Defender tree. This does NOT let you be centered in heavy! It is automatically granted rather than being chosen during feat selection.
    • Removed: Sacred Fist Paladins do not gain Shield, Armor, or Martial Weapon Proficiency of any kind. Note that because they get the Path of Light this means they can use Handwraps!
    • Past Life: Sacred Fist: +5 Healing Amp and +5 Positive Spell Power per stack.
    • New Tree: Sacred Fist, Replaces Knight of the Chalice
  • Stormsinger (Bard): Changes from Base Class:
  • Stormsingers gain the following feats:
    • Magical Training (1)
  • Stormsingers do not gain the following feats:
    • Improved Inspire Courage +1
    • Improved Inspire Courage +2
    • Soothing Song
    • Ballad Melody: Greatness
    • Inspiration Melody: Heroics
  • Past Life: Stormsinger: +5 Lightning and Sonic Spell Power per stack.
  • New Tree: Stormsinger, Replaces Swashbuckler

General Bugfixes

  • Familiars from Feydark Illusionist and Falcons from Falconry now remain active while you are dead.
  • Feydark Illusionist Familiars no longer fall through the world.
  • Feydark Illusionist Familiars no longer spawn twice and then one explodes.
  • Familiars and Falcons no longer block mouse selection.
  • Single Weapon Specialty now correctly applies in all situations.
  • Fury of the Wild's Destiny Mantle now persists correctly through logout.
  • The Shadow debuff from Shadowdancer now properly drops 1 stack at a time.
  • Unyielding's Lay on Hands no longer prevents you from using it based on your Charisma score if your Constitution score is higher.
  • Warchanter's Iced Edges no longer drops on logout.
  • Nerve Venom in Shiradi no longer has an erroneous DC.
  • Sunblades should now respect two-handed fighting rules more accurately.
  • Unyielding Sentinel's Resurrection no longer erroneously requires 20 levels, is now 30 as intended.
  • Tabaxi's Dexterity to Damage now works correctly in Animal Form.
  • Weapons without an ability score modifier to damage no longer show a negative base damage rating.
  • Perfected Darkstorm Helm now has a caster level.
  • The camera has been adjusted such that mouse look will no longer occasionally turn your character 180 degrees and make you look up or down.
  • Party and Guild chat disconnects should no longer take as long to reconnect.
  • A large variety of text bugs and inconsistencies have been fixed.
  • monsters will no longer randomly gain stone prison on-hit effects due to your own gear
  • Sonic blast is now properly single target (note: it will still continue to hit breakables in an AOE).
  • Several Dinosaur Bone Crafting affixes no longer have an erroneous Saving Throw.

Gameplay Changes

  • Great Weapon Aptitude now allows Natural Fighting as one of its prerequisites instead of just Two Handed Fighting.
  • Khyber Dragonshards no longer drop. Recipes that use Khyber Dragonshards now use Siberys Dragonshards instead.
  • Eldritch Knight dice now work on Shields.
  • All level versions of the Abishai set is now a Profane instead of Artifact bonus.
  • There are 3 new Gameplay options:
    • Gather Trap Parts: (default True) - While true, disabling traps will cause you to gather Trap Parts from them. Turn this off to stop gathering trap parts from traps you disable.
    • Experimental Tumble Controls: (default False) - While true, pressing Block while moving will cause you to Tumble instead of causing you to Block. If you continue to hold Block, you will end the tumble in the blocking state.
    • Disable Full Character Effect Overlays: (default False) - While true, full character effect overlays on your character will be disabled. Affected visuals:
      • Stoneskin
      • Barkskin
      • Goldskin
      • Fire Shield (Cold)
      • Fire Shield (Hot)
      • Elemental Forms (Both Sorcerer and Druid)
  • There are two new spells:
    • True Seeing, Mass: Cast True Seeing on yourself and your allies. Clr/FvS 8
    • Freedom of Movement, Mass: Cast Freedom of Movement on yourself and your nearby allies. Clr/FvS/Drd 7
  • Reaper Crafting's cost has been reduced to 75 Reaper Fragments.
  • You may now dissolve Reaper items at the second Reaper NPC at any amount of reaper points (note: crafting using these ingredients still requires 50 Reaper points)
  • Reaper crafting no longer accepts level 1 or 2 items.
  • Warchanter's Iced Edges now scales with Spell Power.
  • House Jorasco Favor buffs now have a "give me the works" option that charges the total platinum you'd get from just clicking them all individually.
  • House Phiarlan Favor buffs now last for 60 minutes.
  • Fred can now combine Dragonshards for you.
  • Spells that may target undead friends (aka Inflict spells) can now validate the caster as a redirected target (aka be cast targeting the caster implicitly) as long as the caster is undead.
  • The spells Bless, Prayer, and Bane all now have a cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • Base Attack Bonus is now capped at 25.
  • Tiefling's Incinerations are now: +2% and +3% Fire Spell Critical Damage.
  • Holy Smite, Order's Wrath, Chaos Hammer, and Unholy Blight now deal 1d6+4 damage per caster level.
  • Completionist is now automatically granted upon reaching level 3. Current characters with Completionist have been given a free feat respec token.
  • Swords to Plowshares now grants Handwraps a +1 Morale bonus to Critical Threat Range.
  • The Winter Hunt buff from Nature's Warrior core 5 now grants +5 Cold Spell Crit Chance and +15% Cold Spell Crit Damage.
  • Aasimar and Scourge Core 3 no longer provides a bonus to Healing Hands charges.
  • Aasimar and Scourge Core 5 no longer provides a recharge ability to Healing Hands charges, and also now provides +2 healing hands charges.
  • Angel of Vengeance core abilities no longer provide bonuses to caster level and max caster level.
  • Updated: Divine Disciple
  • Garret the Sainted and Erytheia Sundawn have had their hit points increased. Additionally Garret will be less likely to dive directly into melee combat.
  • Two additional hirelings have been added, Albereth Welen and Bulwark Torunn. Albereth is a level 30 Favored Soul, and Bulwark is a level 30 Cleric. These have been added to hireling sellers and the store!
  • Rogue Hirelings Search Scores have been improved to be more able to search of upper heroic traps on harder difficulties.
  • Enervation cast by monsters no longer applies its Damage Over Time.
  • Fixed an issue where Paypal would get stuck in the authentication phase of check out.
  • Fixed an issue where DDO Market would get stuck at reCAPTCHA when opened from in the game.
  • Whirlwind Attack is now: "Tactical Melee Cleave: Activate this ability to attack all enemies in a 360 degree arc around you twice. This attack deals +4[W] damage." (Known Issue: This is meant to be +2[w], will be corrected in a future patch). Note that it now hits the same number of times in all melee combat styles.
  • Whirlwind Attack no longer requires Combat Expertise and Spring Attack (It now only requires Dodge, Mobility, and a BAB of +4)
  • Whirlwind Attack no longer pauses at the end of its animations, making it significantly faster and making it flow into your next attack better.
  • Whirlwind Attack now properly scales with attack speed for Razorclaw Shifters fighting with Claws.
  • Great Cleave is now up to 4[W]. Now requires +4 BAB, Cleave, Power Attack, STR 13+. 1 hit, 4[W].

UI Changes

  • The XP Bar on the character sheet has been removed to facilitate Archetype and Class Displays. If you would like to view your character's total level progress, you may rotate through available XP bars by pressing the XP Bar Toggle at the bottom left hand corner of your screen, next to the & symbol.
  • Hit Point and Spell Point tooltips on the character sheet now display their numbers correctly.

Update Loot