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This template is used to render information about armor. Examples of the Template in Use: Docent of the Tomb and Robe of Duality.


Parameter Documentation
nameThe name of the armor.
typeWhat type of armor is it. Specifying Docent here adds some Docent specific descriptions. This is what it say under the name on the examine window, not what it is made of.
Possible Values:
  • Cloth
  • Robe
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Heavy Armor
  • Docent
  • Robe
minlevelEnter the minimum level required for the armor, or leave blank if there is none.
absoluteminlevelEnter the minimum level required for the item if something is removed, or leave blank if there is none.
bindingHow is this armor bound - leave blank it is unbound.
Possible Values:
  • btc for Bound to Character
  • bta for Bound to Account
  • btcoe for Bound to Character on Equip
  • btcoa for Bound to Character on Acquire
  • btaoe for Bound to Account on Equip
  • btaoa for Bound to Account on Acquire
proficiencyEnter the proficiency needed to wield this weapon
Possible Values:
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
dexarmorbonusEnter the Armor Bonus w/Dex shown in the examine window. (THIS IS NO LONGER SHOWN)
armorbonusEnter the armor bonus as shown on the examine window. If this is a docent, use Template:DocentArmorBonus to get the special formatting.
maxdexEnter the Max Dex Bonus shown on the examine window.
armorcheckpenaltyEnter the Armor Check Penalty, as shown on the examine window.
spellfailureEnter the Spell Failure percent as shown on the examine window.
enchantmentsThese are a bulleted list of templates (each on its own line starting with an asterisk) found in Enchantment Templates. If the enchantment is a one just for this item, just enter the information directly. The enchantment that is added because of the material (i.e. Flametouched Iron) is automatically added.
descriptionEnter the description that is on the examine window at the bottom.
droplocationThis specifies information on where this drops. Use one of the drop location templates to specify it. The list of templates can be found here: Category:DropLocation Templates. If there is more than one, put each on its own line starting with an asterisk.
materialEnter what the item is made from (i.e. Leather, Glass, Gem, Flametouched Iron).
hardnessEnter the hardness shown in the examine window.
durabilityEnter the maximum durability value shown in the examine window.
updateWhich update was this item added to the game in.
detailsEnter any details that a player may need to know about this (i.e. if not working correctly, etc).
upgradeableIf this item is upgradeable, use Template:ItemUpgrade. If there is more than one (i.e. it is in the middle of a crafting chain), include multiple templates in a bulleted list.
restrictionThis is used when there is some kind of restriction. If it is a trait (Lawful, Good, etc), use Template:ItemRequiredTrait. If there is a race restriction, use Template:ItemRestrictedRace.
iconThe name of the icon file. Use this if it is a duplicate of another piece of armor.
imageImage file, use if the image doesn't change between heroic and epic types. Do not include extension.
bugContains any information about a bug related to the item. Use Template:Bug
replacedContains information about any replacement that SSG did of this weapon. Use Template:ItemReplacement
weightThis is the weight, in lbs, as shown on the examine window. The "lbs" will be added.
basevalueThis is the base value as shown in the examine window. Use Template:Price.


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