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This template is used on the replaced field to specify information about its replacement.

Example Usage
{{ItemReplacement|New|U41|Dusk, the Light Descends (Pre U41)}}This item replaced a different version by SSG in U41. Dusk, the Light Descends (Pre U41) is the older version.
{{ItemReplacement|Old|U41|Dusk, the Light Descends}}This item was replaced by SSG in U41. Dusk, the Light Descends is the newer version.


{{ItemReplacement|(Version)|(Release)|(Other Item Name)}}

Parameter Documentation
VersionWhich version is this template a part of, the old or the new
Possible Values:
  • Old
  • New
ReleaseThe release the replacement happened
Other Item NameThis is the name of the other item


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