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This template is used on equipment to correctly format the upgrade information about an item.

Example Usage
{{ItemUpgrade|Epic Crafting|Epic Sword of Shadows}}Epic Crafting to Epic Sword of Shadows
{{ItemUpgrade|Epic Crafting|Sword of Shadows|from}}Epic Crafting from Sword of Shadows
{{ItemUpgrade|Battle-Scarred|Katra's Razor Wit|| * Katra's Wit * Mark of Bal Molesh * Mark of Sheshka}}Battle-Scarred to Katra's Razor Wit
  • Katra's Wit
  • Mark of Bal Molesh
  • Mark of Sheshka


{{ItemUpgrade|(Crafting Method)|(Upgraded Item Name)|(Direction)|(Ingredients)}}

Parameter Documentation
Crafting MethodThis is the method used to do the upgrade
Upgraded Item NameThis is the name of the item after it is upgraded
DirectionThis is the direction in the crafting. If this item is in the middle, it should have a from and a to. to is the default if not specified.
IngredientsBulleted list of ingredients needed for crafting


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