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|itemname =
|type =
|binding =
|droplocation =


This template is used to generate a table of items that have the same name, and then would be different ML.


Parameter Documentation
itemnameThis is the name of the item that has multiple versions
typeThis is the type of the item
bindingThis is the binding
Possible Values:
  • btc for Bound to Character
  • bta for Bound to Account
  • btcoe for Bound to Character on Equip
  • btcoa for Bound to Character on Acquire
  • btaoe for Bound to Account on Equip
  • btaoa for Bound to Account on Acquire
droplocationThis is the drop location for the item, use Template:DropLocation, Template:ItemIconicReceived, Template:StorePurchase, Template:CollectablePurchase, Template:RaidRunePurchase
iconThe icon to use if it isn't based on the item name
imageImage file, use if the image doesn't change between heroic and epic types. Do not include extension.


Ignore any errors below this line, The errors occur because there is no input into the template, in the template itself.

[[File:{{{itemname}}}_Icon.png|link=|36px|x36px|]] {{{itemname}}}

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