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This template is used on equipment to correctly format where that equipment drops in the game.

Example Usage
{{DropLocation|The Deal and the Demon|End Chest}}The Deal and the Demon, End Chest
{{DropLocation|Spinner of Shadows (Quest)|End Chest|Spinner of Shadows}}Spinner of Shadows, End Chest
{{DropLocation|Strike Back|End Chest||Heroic}}Strike Back (Heroic), End Chest


{{DropLocation|(Quest/Wilderness/Chain)|(Which Chest/Person)|(Title for Link)|(Difficulty)}}

Parameter Documentation
Quest/Wilderness/ChainThis is the quest or wilderness or chain or other named location that this item drops. If this is given automatically, then leave this part blank.
Which Chest/PersonThis is the name of the chest, or person, or generic "end rewards" that this drops in.
Title for LinkThis is the title for the link to the location. Used specifically if the location would take you to a disambiguation page.
DifficultyThis is the difficulty that this drops at, if there are more than one version based on difficulty.


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