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This template is used on equipment to correctly format where that equipment is received from turning in Raid Runes
Example Usage
{{RaidRunePurchase|Tempest|1250}}Dagobard Kell, Purchase for 1,250 Tempest Runes
{{RaidRunePurchase|Xorian|1250}}Niara Tonant, Purchase for 1,250 Xorian Runes


{{RaidRunePurchase|(Which Runes)|(Cost)}}

Parameter Documentation
Which RunesThis is the store that it is bought from
Possible Values:
  • Tempest
  • Xorian
  • Strahd
  • Codex1 (Alter of Fecundity)
  • Codex2 (Legendary Alter of Devastation)
  • Hut
  • Kor Kaza
  • Forge
CostThis is the amount the item costs


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