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Stormsinger Cloak

From DDO Compendium

Stormsinger Cloak Icon.png

Stormsinger Cloak

Minimum Level: 13

Bound to Account on Acquire


  • Resistance +4: Passive: +4 Resistance bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will Saving Throws.
  • Perform +11: +11 Competence bonus to Perform.
  • Sonic Guard: When hit or missed in Melee: Deals 1d6 Sonic damage to your attacker.
  • Anthem: When equipped by a character with Bard levels, this item begins to hum an inspiring tune. Your bard songs regenerate slowly over time.

Material: This item is made out of: Steel
Hardness:Durability: 70

Some harpies of the Stormsinger flight wear cloaks such as this to increase their musical prowess. It will also protect the wearer with violent sonic energy.

Base Value: 2,500 Platinum.png 1 Gold.png  0.10 lbs
Stormsinger Cloak.png

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