Sorrowdusk Isle

From DDO Compendium

Heroic Range: 4-11
Enter through: The Eye of Kol Korran

Sorrowdusk Isle Map.png
XP per explorer: 250
Bonus XP for all points: 1,000
Find the orge camp
Find the spider's nest
Discover the ancient ruins
Find the scorpion swarm
Find the troll sacred palcee
Find overgrown corridor
Dungeon Entrances
Find the iron mines
Find the ogre cave
Find Lord Grust's Cave
Find the hellhound den
Find the troll dungeon
Find the troll lair
Find Grey Moon's den
Find the temple outpost
Find Sorrowdusk Temple
Find the wight lair
Sorrowdusk Isle is run by Ogres. They are having problems within their own ranks, and from The Cult of the Six. Can you help them with their troubles.
Each Rare: 500 XP All Rares: 2,500 XP 
NameTypeRaceRare Information
BarxerGiantOgreFound in Lord Grust's Cave
FurleyGiantTrollFound inside the Troll Dungeon
KremenGiantTrollFound inside the Troll Lair
KurmerGiantOgreFound in the Ogre Cave
NoozerGiantTrollFound in The Troll Sacred Place
RhathVerminScorpionFound in the Scorpion Swarm area
SaateUndeadWightFound inside the Wight Lair
TeargonEvil OutsiderHellhoundFound in the Hellhound Den
ThanolinUndeadSpectreFound outside the Wight Lair
VermiloMonstrous HumanoidGargoyleFound in the Overgrown Corridor