Troll Race

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Trolls are ravenous, predatory species of giant humanoid found throughout almost all the regions and types of climates in Faer%u00fbn, from arctic wastes to tropical jungles, and come in several sub-species. They are uncivilized, monstrous creatures with voracious appetites that roam from one area to the next feeding upon whatever they can. While some classify them as giants, trolls do not qualify as either true giants or giant-kin.

Most trolls are not overly territorial, except with their own kind, and have no natural predators in the wild.

A typical adult troll stands around 9-feet tall on long, ungainly legs. Their deceptively thin bodies have thick, rubbery hides colored in shades of mossy green or putrid greys, and possess long hanging arms that end in massive claws. The skull of a troll has a messy, hair-like growth colored black or steel grey. Females are typically larger, and more powerful, than males.

Although they walk upright, trolls possess a severe hunch, which cause the backs of their hands to drag on the ground. When they run, their arms dangle still. Despite their awkward physical appearance, trolls are surprisingly agile and are well adapted to be masterful climbers.

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Troll Race