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The Coin Lords have discovered that the tunnels the Droaam dug into the Lordsmarch Plaza extend into the the Droaam's army headquarters in Xen'drik. Delera would like you to infiltrate the Droaam headquarters, and deal with their commander.


  • Find the Droaam army's general
  • Assassinate high-ranking officers
  • Close the portal to Droaam
  • (Optional) Set tents on fire: 4 total
  • (Optional) Poison the water supply
  • (Optional) Destroy the crates of army provisions
  • (Optional) Blow up the explosives stockpile of the Droaam army
  • (Optional) Defeat Tinkerstab, the Droaam Siege Engineer
  • (Optional) Defeat Skinny, the Droaam Half-orc Chef
  • (Optional) Defeat Maj. Pain, Droaam Interrogator
  • (Optional) Defeat Brinky, the Droaam Warpriest

Named Loot

Bonus XP

  • Aggression Bonus: 34 or more monsters killed (+10% Bonus)
  • Onslaught Bonus: 67 or more monsters killed (+15% Bonus)
  • Conquest Bonus: 100 or more monsters killed (+25% Bonus)
  • Tamper Bonus: 3 or more traps disarmed (+10% Bonus)
  • Neutralization Bonus: 11 or more traps disarmed (+20% Bonus)
  • Ingenious Debilitation Bonus: 16 or more traps disarmed (+30% Bonus)
    • The requirements change after every puzzle appears in the end fight.
  • Mischief Bonus: 85 or more breakables smashed (+8% Bonus)
  • Vandal Bonus: 107 or more breakables smashed (+10% Bonus)
  • Ransack Bonus: 132 or more breakables smashed (+15% Bonus)


Pack: Attack on Stormreach
Arc: Attack on Stormreach
Heroic Level: 13
Legendary Level: 34
Bestowed by:  Delera Omaren IV
Length: Long
Takes Place in: Temple Ruins
Found in: The Marketplace
Entrance in:  Lordsmarch Plaza

Heroic XP

Casual: 3,060
Normal: 5,600
Hard: 5,850
Elite: 6,100
Reaper: 96.8 RXP per skull

Legendary XP

Casual: 18,162
Normal: 30,922
Hard: 31,634
Elite: 32,347
Reaper: 344.8 RXP per skull


Patron: The Coin Lords
Solo/Casual: 3
Normal: 6
Hard: 12
Elite: 18
Siegebreaker Map.png

Known Traps

Explosive Fire traps in room with explosive barrels - breaking barrels sets it off
Random traps on puzzle buttons in final room
  Next to the button - respawn for each new puzzle