Gnoll Race

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Gnolls are a humanoid race that most closely resemble human-hyena hybrids within Faer%u00fbn. They are carnivorous humanoids, known for their savage culture and warlike ways.

Gnolls are extremely tall, with the average member of the race standing on average between 7' and 7'6". Though gnolls are relatively lean for their height, weighing in usually between 280 to 320 lbs, they cut an impressive visage. In part because of their height and lean musculature, gnolls are very quickly compared with many other races such as humans. Gnoll skin is greenish-gray, and their furry hide a light or dark brown hue, sometimes marked with spots or stripes. Many gnolls also have a dirty yellow to reddish-gray crest-like mane that stood on end when they are angry.

Entries of this Race[edit]

Gnoll Race