Scroll of Haste

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Scroll of Haste Icon.pngScroll of Haste
UMD Difficulty: 28
No UMD Check For: Sor 6, Wiz 5
Minimum Level: 3
Spell Haste Icon.pngHaste
Target: Friend, Self
Duration: 6 Seconds per Caster Level
School: Transmutation
Quickens allies, causing them to attack 15% faster than normal. In addition, the recipient gains a +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls, a +1 bonus to Reflex Saving Throws, and +1% Dodge.
Caster Level: 5
A heavy sheet of fine vellum reinforced at the top and bottom with strips of leather, covered with arcane writing.
Base Value: 37 Platinum 5 Gold 0.10 lbs
Where To Find: 
Vendor Location Qty Price Area
Corual LaoliObject Desire137 Platinum 5 GoldHouse Phiarlan