Page Regalia: Unsanctioned Arcana

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Raid Cloak 4 Icon.png Page Regalia: Unsanctioned Arcana
Minimum Level: 32
Bound to Character on Acquire
Spell Mnemonic Icon.pngTurn the Page
Target: Self
Duration: 6 Seconds
Turning the page of the Litany of the Dead releases magical energy that a spell caster can harness to power his own spells. Spell Point costs are reduced by 50% for the next 6 seconds.
Caster Level: 12
1 / 1 Charges(Recharged/Day: 1)
  • Insightful Spell Focus Mastery +3: Passive: +3 Insight bonus to DC of all spells.
  • Quality Spell Focus Mastery +2: Passive: +2 Quality bonus to DC of all spells.
  • Nullmagic Guard: On being hit with a spell: There is a small chance that you explode in arcane energies. Foes hit are subject to a silencing effect, preventing their spellcasts and dampening their magical protections for 10 seconds.
  • Lost Purpose: This item is missing some parts that made it unique. Perhaps you can fix that at a Cannith Repurposing Station.
Green Augment Slot: Empty
Colorless Augment Slot: Empty

Material: This item is made out of: Cloth
Hardness: 52 Durability: 420

A cloak that manifested from an especially forbidden page from the University Library through unknown means. It now seeks purpose.

Base Value: 12,801 Platinum 0.10 lbs
Page Regalia- Unsanctioned Arcana.png
Where To Find: