Forgotten Light (ML 23)

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Forgotten Light Icon.png

Forgotten Light
Heavy Mace

Accepts Sentience
Simple Weapon Proficiency

Required Trait: Good (UMD: 26)
Minimum Level: 23
Bound to Character on Equip
Base Damage: 19.55
Damage: 2.5[1d8]+6
Damage Types: Bludgeon, Good, Magic
Critical Roll: 18 - 20 / x2
Attack Mod: STR, WIS
Damage Mod: STR, WIS

  • Spellcasting Implement +18: Passive: +18 Implement bonus to Universal Spell Power.
  • +6 Enhancement Bonus: Weapons and Shields: +6 Enhancement Bonus Attack and Damage rolls. Armor and Shields: +6 enhancement bonus to Armor Class.
  • Greater Good: This weapon is infused with the ultimate power of Good. It does an additional 2d6 damage to non-good targets and can only be wielded by Good aligned characters.
  • Devotion +108: Passive: +108 Equipment bonus to Positive Spell Power.
  • Radiance +108: Passive: +108 Equipment bonus to Light and Alignment Spell Power.

Material: This item is made out of: Dwarven Iron
Hardness: 24 Durability: 200

This ancient mace radiates a feeling of peace and safety.
Base Value: 9,201 Platinum 2 Gold 8 lbs
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