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Draconic Necklace

From DDO Compendium

Necklace 2 Icon.png

Draconic Necklace

Minimum Level: 18

Bound to Character on Acquire


Spell Greater Heroism Icon.pngGreater Heroism
Target: Friend, Self
Duration: 1 Minute per Caster Level
School: Enchantment (Mind-affecting)
Imbues a single ally with greate bravery and morale in battle, granting a +4 morale bonus on attacks, saves, and skill checks. The target also receives temporary hit points equal to the caster level and immunity to fear.
Caster Level: 11
1 / 1 Charges(Recharged/Day: 1)
  • Constitution +6: Passive: +6 Enhancement bonus to Constitution.
  • Purple Dragon Knight: This item is one of two pieces of the Purple Dragon Knight set. When both items are equipped you will gain 10% additional threat generation, and a +1 exceptional bonus to hit.

Material: This item is made out of: Steel
Hardness: 20 Durability: 110

This simple golden necklace belonged to a member of the ancient order or Purple Dragon Knights, an order heralded as heroes even before they journeyed to Shavarath to assist the Angelic Host.

Base Value: 10,002 Platinum.png  0.10 lbs
Where to Loot:
Location Chest/Reward
Bastion of Power End Chest
Tower of Despair Nythirios' Chest