Diamond of the Twelve

From DDO Compendium
White Gem Icon.png Diamond of the Twelve
Minimum Level: 13
Bound to Character on Acquire
Spell Cure Serious Wounds, Mass Icon.pngCure Serious Wounds, Mass
Target: Friend, Self, Undead Foe
Duration: Instantaneous
School: Conjuration (Healing)
Spell Resistance: Yes
Casts Cure Serious Wounds on multiple targets. Positive energy is channeled to heal serious woulds of allies or damage undead for 9 to 24 hit points plus an additional 1 for every caster level up to caster level 35. Undead who make a successful Will save reduce the damage by half.
Caster Level: 14
5 / 5 Charges

Material: This item is made out of: Gem
Hardness: 27 Durability: 71

This fragment of a gemstone is infused with the power from The Twelve.

Base Value: 4,920 Platinum 0.10 lbs
Where To Find: Vagan Taneer: Purchase in The Marketplace, Cost: Planar Shard Icon.png 25x Planar Shard