Curative Admixture: Cure Light Wounds (Apothecary) (SLA)

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Spell Curative Admixture- Cure Serious Wounds (Apothecary) Icon.png

Curative Admixture: Cure Light Wounds

Ranks: 1
Points (per rank): 1
Spell Curative Admixture- Cure Light Wounds Icon.pngSpell-Like Ability:
Curative Admixture: Cure Light Wounds
Metamagic: Accelerate, Empower, Empower Healing, Intensify, Maximize
Cooldown: 12 Spell Points
Activation Cost: 4 Seconds
Primer Element: Gildleaf

Infuse a Cure Light Wounds potion with magical energy, hurling it towards your target in an arc. The potions explodes in a small AOE that deals 1d6+2 plus 1 per caster level (maximum caster level 5) positive energy damage to nearby living allies and enemy undead.
Metamagic Feats may be used when casting Spell-Like Abilities at no additional cost.
Selection option for: Curative Admixture: Cure or Inflict Light Wounds
  • 1 Points spent
  • Alchemist 1