Ataraxia's Haven

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Free To Play

Heroic Range: 7-14
Enter through: House Kundarak

Ataraxia's Haven Map.png
Slay 10 creatures: 445 XP
Slay 25 creatures: 606 XP
Slay 50 creatures: 835 XP
Slay 100 creatures: 1,267 XP
Slay 200 creatures: 2,080 XP
Slay 400 creatures: 3,700 XP
Slay 750 creatures: 6,020 XP
Slay 1500 creatures: 12,912 XP
XP per explorer: 325
Bonus XP for all points: 1,300
Find the rocky beach
Find the deadly gazebo
Find the fishing hole
Find the arena ruins
Find the destroyed building
Find scrounger's canyon
Find cackling canyon
Find the rock totem
Find the lighthouse
Dungeon Entrances
Find the wildman cave
Find the mining cave
Find the ocean cave
Find the underground temple
Find the Scrag cave
Find mineshaft IV
Find smugglers hollow
Ataraxia's Haven is a level 10 Wilderness Adventure Area that can be accessed by talking to Nadine Shipton found in The Harbor, Mevrin Undertow in House Kundarak , or Evi Joss in House Deneith.
Lvl Ep Quest Patron Adventure Pack Chain
10 N/A Reclamation House Kundarak Free to Play
10 N/A Sykros' Jewel House Kundarak Free to Play
Each Rare: 650 XP All Rares: 3,250 XP 
NameTypeRaceRare Information
ArbothHumanoidKoboldFound inside the Arena Ruins
BestoreAberrationRust MonsterFound inside the Ocean Cave
Bororo OrehelmDwarf (Monster)Dwarf (Monster)Found inside the Mining Cave
Dranem OtohDwarf (Monster)Dwarf (Monster)Found inside the Deadly Gazebo
DulkGiantTrollFound inside the Scrag Cave
GoregraAnimalHyenaFound on the small sand island in the south with the Rock Totem
HellgutVerminSpiderFound inside the Underground Temple
KithbaMagical BeastRazor CatFound on the north west corner of the island, near the Underground Temple
MirotMagical BeastWildmanFound inside the Wildman Cave
SchenkerVerminScorpionFound on the north side, by the ocean cave