A Raven at the Door

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Yesper Raven is missing since he went into Castle Ravenloft to take on Strahd. Oksana knows of the secret way Yesper went in, and has asked you to go and discover Yesper's fate.


  • Discover the fate of Yesper the Raven
  • Check the Upper Servant Quarters
  • Investigate the top of the South Tower
  • Speak with the Hags
  • Defeat Drolga and her sister
  • Search the Coven's lair
  • Enter the Treasury’s magical tower near the study on level three
  • Defeat the Treasury's Guardians
  • Loot the Castle Treasury
  • Cull Strahd's forces: 50 total
  • Defeat the Sisters of Strahd: 7 total
  • Defeat Strahd’s Hate
  • Get Yesper the Raven safely out of the dungeons
  • Impress the Vistani
  • Defeat Arrigal and his gang

Named Loot

Bonus XP

  • Devious Bonus: 39 or fewer monsters killed (+7% Bonus)
  • Tamper Bonus: 7 or more traps disarmed (+10% Bonus)
  • Neutralization Bonus: 9 or more traps disarmed (+20% Bonus)
  • Perception Bonus: 9 or more secret doors discovered (+10% Bonus)
  • Vigilant Bonus: 11 or more secret doors discovered (+15% Bonus)
  • Mischief Bonus: 23 or more breakables smashed (+8% Bonus)


Pack: Mists of Ravenloft
Arc: The Vampire Hunters
Flag for: The Curse of Strahd
Heroic Level: 11
Legendary Level: 31
Bestowed by:  Oksana Cantemir
Length: Long
Takes Place in: Castle Ravenloft, Servant's Door
Found in: House Jorasco
Entrance in:  The Land of Barovia

Heroic XP

Casual: 3,069
Normal: 5,380
Hard: 5,643
Elite: 5,908
Reaper: 89.6 RXP per skull

Legendary XP

Casual: 17,777
Normal: 30,380
Hard: 31,133
Elite: 31,885
Reaper: 323.2 RXP per skull


Patron: Keepers of the Feather
Solo/Casual: 3
Normal: 6
Hard: 12
Elite: 18
A Raven at the Door Map.png


Mists of Ravenloft Saga (Heroic)
Mists of Ravenloft Saga (Epic)

Known Traps

Teleport traps in the dungeon
Evil Pulse Trap in Chamberlains Office
  Around the office on the floor
Spinning Blade Trap in the Basement


Into the Mists