The Land of Barovia

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Heroic Range: 10
Enter through: House Jorasco

The Land of Barovia Map.png
Slay 10 creatures: 445/3,855 XP
Slay 25 creatures: 606/5,175 XP
Slay 50 creatures: 835/6,915 XP
Slay 100 creatures: 1,267/9,945 XP
Slay 200 creatures: 2,080/15,375 XP
Slay 400 creatures: 3,700/25,905 XP
Slay 750 creatures: 6,270/42,435 XP
Slay 1500 creatures: 13,160/86,265 XP
Slay 3000 creatures: 26,800/172,695 XP
Slay 5000 creatures: ?/239,625 XP
Slay 7500 creatures: ? XP
XP per explorer: 650
Bonus XP for all points: 4,875
XP per explorer: 1,700
Bonus XP for all points: 12,750
Strahd's Journal
Find Strahd's first journal entry
Find Strahd's second journal entry
Find Strahd's third journal entry
Find Strahd's fourth journal entry
Find Strahd's fifth journal entry
Find Strahd's sixth journal entry
Find Strahd's seventh journal entry
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Tatyana's Journal
Find Tatyana's first journal entry
Find Tatyana's second journal entry
Find Tatyana's third journal entry
Find Tatyana's fourth journal entry
Find Tatyana's fifth journal entry
Find Tatyana's sixth journal entry
Find Tatyana's seventh journal entry
Find Tatyana's eighth journal entry
Find Tatyana's nineth journal entry
Find Tatyana's tenth journal entry
Find Tatyana's eleventh journal entry
Find Tatyana's twelfth journal entry
Find Tatyana's thirteenth journal entry
Find Tatyana's fourteenth journal entry
Find Tatyana's fifteenth journal entry
Ireena's Journal
Find Ireena's first journal entry
Find Ireena's second journal entry
Find Ireena's third journal entry
Find Ireena's fourth journal entry
Find Ireena's fifth journal entry
Find Ireena's sixth journal entry
Find Ireena's seventh journal entry
Find Ireena's eighth journal entry
Find Ireena's nineth journal entry
Find Ireena's tenth journal entry
Find Ireena's eleventh journal entry
Find Ireena's twelfth journal entry
Find Ireena's thirteenth journal entry
Find Ireena's fourteenth journal entry
Find Ireena's fifteenth journal entry
Points of Interest
Each Rare: 650 XP All Rares: 1,700 XP
Each Rare: 4,875 XP All Rares: 12,750 XP 
NameTypeRaceRare Information
Adrim TerrastarUndeadVampire
Boris TargolovHumanoidHuman (Monster)Found in one of three places:
  • South of van Richten's Tower, on the north side of Mount Ghakis
  • South West of The Abbey of Saint Markovia, north of the east-west road
  • East of The Wizard of Wines
Carnival ExhibitUndeadMummySpawns by placing three crests in their sockets.
CebruvassAberrationMind FlayerFound by being teleported randomly to his lair via the Mysterious Mist
Darkshard of LimboAberrationSlaadFound in one of two places:
  • South east of van Richten's Tower, just off the road
  • North and somewhat east of Old Bonegrinder (2 locations)
DoruUndeadVampireA rare in the basement of the chapel in The Village of Barovia
Echo of Vasily DrazkoiUndeadSkeletonFound slightly east of the Vistani Camp that is south and west of Castle Ravenloft
Hans UlbrekHumanoidHuman (Monster)Found in one of two places:
  • South of van Richten's Tower, near the river
  • East of The Wizard of Wines
Kiril StoyanovichMonstrous HumanoidWerewolfFound in one of three places:
  • East of The Wizard of Wines
  • East of the Vistani Camp that is north of The Wizard of Wines
  • North east of that same camp, east of the bridge across the river,
Magda MeatcarverHumanoidHagFound in one of two places:
  • East of the Town of Vallaki, across the river
  • South east of Argynvostholt
Oleg LipsiegeUndeadSpectreFound in one of two places:
  • South of the Village of Barovia
  • South of Castle Ravenloft, go west after crossing the bridge
RavenbaneConstructGolemFound straight south of Castle Ravenloft, near the edge of the wilderness
RootrotPlantShambling MoundFound in one of five places:
  • North of the Town of Vallaki, across Lake Zarovich
  • West of the Town of Vallaki just before the river,
  • East of Argynvostholt, just before the river,
  • North West of van Richten's Tower, Just outside the grounds,
  • South West of The Abbey of Saint Markovia, as far west as possible
Sovan SoulstealerUndeadLichFound in One of three places:
  • South east of Old Bonegrinder
  • Nort east of Old Bonegriner near the edge of the map
  • North and slightly west of Argynovostholt
Strahd's ArmorUndeadAnimated ObjectFound slightly north of the road leading west out of Castle Revenloft
Vyizm KrulgyrEvil OutsiderBatFound in one of three places:
  • East of Argynvosthold
  • South of Argynvosthold on the east side of Mount Ghakis
  • North east of Old Bonegrider
Zalken's MonsterConstructGolemFound in one of two places:
  • South of van Richten's Tower, near the river
  • North of Yester Hill
Quest/Saga Givers
Other Dwellers
  • Mysterious Mist - Transports you to a random location in Barovia
  • Shrines - Either working shrines or disappear and replaced by a pack of Shadows that leave a chest when slain
  • Vistani tale teller - Listen to the entire tale of Strahd for a chest
  • Danika Martikov - Kill the Scarecrows that appear for a chest
  • Wachterhaus Cultists sacrificing woman (Victoria Lukresh) to summon demons - Kill them for a chest
  • Barovian Witch with Dretches - Kill to unlock chest
  • Zombie horde - Kill waves of Strahd Zombies and Crawling Claws (almost 100 with a full party) for a chest
  • Furious Berserker - Asks for your help, then attacks with two friends. Kill for a chest.
  • Roving Flesh Golem - Kill Frankenstein's monster and the pitchfork-and-torch-wielding villagers will reward you with a chest.
  • Cocoon-like pillar - Turns into altar with attack or defense boost, Crawling Claws, or Barovian Creepers when you approach
  • Vistani Bandits and Scouts - Transport you to random location if you pay them, otherwise they attack
  • Woodsmen and Forest Trappers - Ask about your silver weapons. They do not attack if you say you have none.
  • Revenant fighting worgs - Joins you if asked
  • Slaughtered wagon group with breakables - Sometimes guarded by Phantom Warriors
  • Circle of dead ravens - Scarecrows appear and attack