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Crystalline Ward

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Crystalline Ward Icon.png

Crystalline Ward

Simple Shield Proficiency
Minimum Level: 15
Bound to Account on Acquire
Shield Bonus: +12
Damage Reduction (DR): 9
Armor Check Penalty: -1
Spell Failure: 15%
Base Damage: 10.20
Damage: 1d6+5
Damage Types: Bludgeon, Magic
Critical Roll: 19 - 20 / x3
Attack Mod: STR
Damage Mod: STR


  • Empty Blue Augment Slot: This item has a Blue Augment Slot. It can be combined with a Blue Augment. Augments can be found in treasure, acquired from Collector NPC's throughout the world, or be purchased on the DDO Store.

Material: This item is made out of: Crystal
Hardness: 40 Durability: 270

Description: Ripples of defensive magic surround this crystalline shield.

Base Value: 6,404 Platinum.png 10 lbs
Crystalline Ward.png
Where To Find: