The Deadly Package: Agent of the Darguul

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Your rendezvous with Lhor-Tragu draws near. With luck, your venomous delivery will bring a swift end to the war.


You have made it to the inner fortress. Find the assassin and give him the ingredients.


  • Find and speak with Lhor-Tragu
  • (Optional) Release the hobgoblins' fleshrender

Named Loot


Bonus XP

  • Discreet Bonus: 1 or fewer monsters killed (+5% Bonus)
  • Aggression Bonus: 8 or more monsters killed (+10% Bonus)
  • Mischief Bonus: 53 or more breakables smashed (+8% Bonus)


Pack: Tangleroot Gorge
Arc: Assault on Splinterskull
Flag for: Doom of the Witch-doctor: The Way to Zulkash
Heroic Level: 5
Bestowed by:  Chief Ungurz
Length: Medium
Takes Place in: Inner Splinterskull Fortress
Found in: House Phiarlan
Entrance in:  Tangleroot Gorge

Heroic XP

Casual: 116
Normal: 202
Hard: 209
Elite: 216
Reaper: N/A


Patron: House Phiarlan
Solo/Casual: 1
Normal: 3
Hard: 6
Elite: 9
The Deadly Package- Agent of the Darguul Map.png

Known Traps

Fire trap behind secret door
  On south wall before stairs