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|creaturetype = 
|monstermanual = 
|race = 
|alignment = 
|dr = 
|sr = 
|description = 
|notes = 
|showraceinfo =


This template is used to render information about a generic monster. Example of the Template in Use: Troglodyte.


Parameter Documentation
nameThe name of the monstor.
creaturetypeWhat type of creature is this.
raceWhat race is this enemy.
monstermanualWhat does the monster manual classify this as, leave blank if not in MM.
alignmentWhat is the enemies alignment.
attackEnter the melee or ranged attack styles and weapons.
spellsIf they are a spellcaster, list the spells.
drEnter any specific Damage Reduction this enemy has. Use Template:MonsterDR.
srWhat is the monsters spell resistance.
descriptionDescribe the enemy, and special moves, etc.
notesAny notes about the enemy.
showraceinfoAny value in here will show the text about the race. This should be only on the base races (i.e. Kobold,
subraceThe subrace this is of the main race
imageThe name of the image if the default doesn't work.


Ignore any errors below this line, The errors occur because there is no input into the template, in the template itself.

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