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Troglodytes are described as being shorter than a human, with spindly but muscular arms and squat legs. It also has some lizardman-like traits with a reptilian head and forearms, a spinal crest, and a long, slender tail.

A troglodyte is usually chaotic evil in alignment; they are considered mostly hostile towards humans and other races. Troglodytes primarily worship their patron, a disgusting toad-lizard called Laogzed. Some worship Ogrémoch, prince of evil earth creatures. In ancient times, many worshiped Demogorgon.

Troglodytes carry a repulsive odor which causes harm to those around them.

The spoken troglodyte language is apparently derived from a simplified version of the lizardfolk tongue, but this is accompanied by a vast, full vocabulary consisting of smells generated by troglodyte scent glands. This olfactory language was apparently their original means of communication, and they adopted words from the lizardfolk dialect of Draconic purely to make themselves comprehensible to outsiders. Their olfactory language takes precedence over all others.

Troglodytes are fairly intelligent. They are not as intelligent as most humans, but their fear towards their deities allows them to be easily fooled. Showing god-like power, saving them from harm, or offering them shiny objects has a chance of taming them. Troglodytes do not enjoy captivity and can generally be influenced to become a companion by releasing them.


Type: Reptilian
Race: Troglodyte
Monster Manual Type: Troglodyte
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Description: This is the most basic form of a Troglodyte.
Notes: Troglodyte's have both Stealth and Troglodyte Stench which can slow you.

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