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From DDO Compendium


Used for Prerequisites

Example Usage
{{FeatPrerequisite|Ability|Dexterity|19}}19 Dexterity
{{FeatPrerequisite|BAB|4}}Base Attack Bonus +4
{{FeatPrerequisite|-Feat|Two Weapon Fighting}}Cannot have Two Weapon Fighting


{{Prerequisite|(Prerequisite Type)|(Prerequisite Name)|((Opt) Value)}}

Parameter Documentation
Prerequisite Type
Possible Values:
  • Feat (name = feat)
  • Ability (name = ability, value = requirement)
  • Level (name or value = level)
  • Race (name = race, value = level (opt))
  • Class (name = class)
  • BAB (Base Attack Bonus)
  • Spell (name or Value = Spell Level)
  • Destiny (name = destinies (ex. Arcane and Divine), value = number)
  • Enhancement (name = tree, value = enhancement name)
  • Skill (name=Skill name, value = trained ranks)
  • Past Life (name=type of PL:herioc or racial or epic or iconic, value=what)
  • If nothing, then will default to blank name, value, and link
Prerequisite NameThe name of the prerequisite
(Opt) ValueThe value of the prerequisite (optional)


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