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Template used for the requirements of a tree item. There may be > 1 in an item.

Example Usage
{{EnhItemReq|Arcanotechnician|Arcanotechnician|0| * Artificer 1}}Arcanotechnician - Arcanotechnician
  • No Points spent in Tree
  • Artificer 1
{{#dplvar:set|location|core|tree|Arcanotechnician}}{{#dplvar:set|display|table}}{{EnhItemReq|Arcanotechnician|Arcanotechnician|0| * Artificer 1}}0
  • Artificer 1


{{EnhItemReq|(tree)|(name)|(pointsrequired)|(requirements)|(antirequirements)|(tree is ED)}}

Parameter Documentation
treeThe tree for these requirements
nameThe name of the enhancement in this tree
pointsrequiredHow many points spent in the tree are required
requirementsWhat other requirements are needed for this item . bulleted list.
antirequirementsWhat would not allow you to take this for core. bulleted list.
tree is EDSend in TRUE if the tree is ED


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