Stop Hazadill's Shipment

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Hazadil is widely reputed to be a smuggler and a criminal, but for some reason the City Guard refuses to intervene.


Baudry wants revenge on Hazadill for him sending the Kobolds to attack his warehouse. He has asked you to destroy a shipment from the Three-Barrel Cove pirates that is somewhere in Hazadill's warehouse.


  • Smash Hazadill's shipping crates: 50 total
  • (Optional) Slay Witch Doctor Zeef
  • (Failure) Finish before time runs out: 10 minutes

Named Loot


Bonus XP

  • Devious Bonus: 1 or fewer monsters killed (+7% Bonus)
  • Insidious Cunning Bonus: 0 or fewer monsters killed (+10% Bonus)


Free To Play

Arc: A Man Named Baudry Cartamon

Stop Hazadill's Shipment Map.png
Heroic Level: 2

Bestowed by:  Harmon Taft

Length: Short
Takes Place in: Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse
Found in: The Harbor

Heroic XP

Casual: 204
Normal: 364
Hard: 388
Elite: 412
Reaper: N/A


Patron: The Free Agents
Solo/Casual: 1
Normal: 2
Hard: 4
Elite: 6

Known Traps

Blade trap in final room
  Above the chest