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Shield of Whirling Steel

From DDO Compendium

Enhancement Shield of Whirling Steel Icon.png

Shield of Whirling Steel

Ranks: 1
Action Points (per rank): 1

  • While you are dual wielding weapons, you gain:
    • +2 Shield Bonus to Armor Class
    • +2 Shield Bonus to Physical Resistance Rating
    • +2 Shield Bonus to Magical Resistance Rating
    • This increases by +1 for each additional Tempest Core Ability you acquire.
  • If you are a level 1 character, you gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat until you reach character level 2.
    • Two Weapon Fighting is granted permanently when you take a second Ranger level
Enhancement Shield of Whirling Steel Icon.png

Tempest - Shield of Whirling Steel

  • No Action Points spent in Tree
  • Ranger 1