Orchard of the Macabre (Heroic)

From DDO Compendium

Heroic Range: 10-19
Enter through: Upper Necropolis

Slay 10 Creatures: 605 XP
Slay 25 Creatures: 819 XP
Slay 50 Creatures: 1,115 XP
Slay 100 Creatures: 1,657 XP
Slay 200 Creatures: 2,660 XP
Slay 400 Creatures: 4,640 XP
Slay 750 Creatures: 7,770 XP
Slay 1500 Creatures: 16,132 XP
Slay 3000 Creatures: 32,660 XP
Slay 5000 Creatures: 45,450 XP
Slay 7500 Creatures: 59,390 XP
XP per explorer: 425
Bonus XP for all points: 2,443
Find the Doomsphere Tower
Find the flesh maker tower
Find the high priest tower
Find the inferno tower
Find the Stones of Slaughter
Find the Bone Yard
Find the tree bridge
Find the Slaughtergrounds
Find Overwatch Point
Find the Fell Isle
Find the Shadow Plots
Find the Family Burial Grounds
Dungeon Entrances
Find the Inferno of the Damned
Find Doomsphere's Haunt
Find the Flesh Maker's Laboratory
Find the Desecrated Temple of Vol
Find the Underground Pass
Find Pyttan's Tomb
Find the Western Crypts
Find the Northern Crypts
Find the Eastern Falls
Find the Eastern Crypts
Find the Burial Chamber
Points of Interest


Each Rare: 850 XP All Rares: 6,375 XP 
NameTypeRaceRare Information
Cymon DurosomUndeadSkeletonFound inside the northern crypts
Edeva YllkaUndeadWraithFound at the family burial grounds
FirenzeElementalFire ElementalFound on the east central side
Gwennaelle RucheliaUndeadWheepFound in the western crypts
Huckaby IsableUndeadShadowFound inside the underground pass
Madellia BraelonUndeadSkeletonFound inside the eastern crypts
Otvos GisunUndeadMummyFound inside the eastern falls
Palmis SamitUndeadSkeletonFound on the south east side
ParcaeConstructGolemFound near the Doomsphere Tower
Pyttan AyrienneUndeadZombieFound in the south west end
QuinnyAnimalRatFound in the burial chamber
Radhnik OdeenHumanoidHuman (Monster)Found at the south east end
TaharehAberrationBeholderFound on the south west side
Destroy the Carcass Eaters infesting the Bone YardFound on the top of the Bone Yard
Destroy the Zombie TrainFound on the way to the bone yard
Quest/Saga Givers
Other Dwellers