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Enhancement Mutilate Icon.png


Ranks: 3
Points (per rank): 1

Hate deals additional Charisma and Bane damage. Bane damage scales with 200% Melee Power.

Monsters with zero in any ability score are considered helpless and receive +50% extra damage.
Rank 1:
  • 1d4 Charisma damage and 2d6 Bane damage.
Rank 2:
  • 1d6 Charisma damage and 4d6 Bane damage.
Rank 3:
  • 1d8 Charisma damage and 6d6 Bane damage.
10-second cooldown per monster on proccing its Charisma damage
Enhancement Mutilate Icon.png

Ravager - Mutilate

  • 5 Points spent in Tree
  • Hate
  • Barbarian 2