Libram of Silver Magic

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Libram of Silver Magic Icon.pngLibram of Silver Magic
Magical Training
Minimum Level: 26
Bound to Character on Equip

Shield Bonus: +0
Damage Reduction (DR):
Base Damage: 7.35
Damage: 2[1d6]
Damage Types: Force
Critical Roll: 20 / x2
Attack Mod: INT
Damage Mod: CHA
  • +8 Orb Bonus: While this orb is equipped and you are actively blocking, you gain a +8 Orb bonus to all saving throws, as well as Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, and Sonice resistances.
  • Insightful Potency +10: Passive: +10 Insight Bonus to All Types of Spell Power. (Universal Spell Power is a different statistic.)
  • Insightful Spell Lore +1%: Passive: All your spells gain a +1% Insight bonus to their chance to Critical Hit.
  • Intelligence +10: Passive: +10 Enhancement bonus to Intelligence.
  • Charisma +10: Passive: +10 Enhancement bonus to Charisma.
  • Spellsight +20: +20 Competence bonus to Spellcraft.
  • Zhentarim Attuned: This item has been attuned by the Zhentarim mage, Whisper. It can be upgraded with Zhentarim Black Stones.
Material: This item is made out of: Gem
Hardness: 37 Durability: 235
Description: A tome written in silver ink, this mystic text is greatly beneficial to good wizards, most baneful to evil ones.
Base Value: 10,702 Platinum3 lbs
Libram of Silver Magic.png
Where To Find: 
Location Item Cost
Black StoneRightArrowWithQuestion Icon.pngUpgraded
150x Black Stone