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Infused Weapons II

From DDO Compendium

Enhancement Infused Weapons II Icon.png

Infused Weapons II

Ranks: 1
Action Points (per rank): 1

  • You equipped weapon in your main hand gains and additional +1 to its Enhancement Bonus, for a total of +2.
  • You gain an additional +1 bonus to your attack roll to confirm a critical hit, and an additional +1 bonus to the damage of your critical hits (before multipliers), for a total of +2.
  • Your equipped rune arm gains +1 stable charge tier. In addition, it grants you an additional +8 Universal Spell Power when it is charged to Charge Tier 4, for a total of +32.
Enhancement Infused Weapons II Icon.png

Battle Engineer - Infused Weapons II

  • 20 Action Points spent in Tree
  • Infused Armor I
  • Artificer 12