Forgotten Light (ML 16)

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Forgotten Light Icon.png

Forgotten Light
Heavy Mace
Simple Weapon Proficiency

Minimum Level: 16
Bound to Character on Equip
Base Damage: 11.55
Damage: 1.5[1d8]+4
Damage Types: Bludgeon, Good, Magic
Critical Roll: 19 - 20 / x2
Attack Mod: STR, WIS
Damage Mod: STR, WIS

  • Spellcasting Implement +12: Passive: +12 Implement bonus to Universal Spell Power.
  • +4 Enhancement Bonus: Weapons and Shields: +4 Enhancement Bonus Attack and Damage rolls. Armor and Shields: +4 enhancement bonus to Armor Class.
  • Holy 2: This weapon is wielded by the pure to smite the wicked, dealing an additional 2d6 good damage on each hit. This effect makes this weapon good aligned. Evil characters wielding this weapon will suffer one negative level.
  • Devotion +78: Passive: +78 Equipment bonus to Positive Spell Power.
  • Radiance +78: Passive: +78 Equipment bonus to Light and Alignment Spell Power.

Material: This item is made out of: Dwarven Iron
Hardness: 19 Durability: 150

This ancient mace radiates a feeling of peace and safety.
Base Value: 6,401 Platinum 2 Gold 8 lbs
Forgotten Light.png
Where To Find: Rest Stop (Heroic Normal), End Chest