Fathom the Depths

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Long ago the giants trapped an invader from another plane inside these crumbling ruins.


After Craneclaw informs you that the sahuagin have enslaved many of his people to dig for something, you agree to help get them back.


  • Lower the magical barriers and flood the area
  • Defeat Slomnuc
  • (Optional) Free the Raveneye captives before lowering the barriers: 7 total
  • (Optional) Slay the Treasure Guardian Heroic

Named Loot

Bonus XP

  • Tamper Bonus: 3 or more traps disarmed (+10% Bonus)
  • Neutralization Bonus: 4 or more traps disarmed (+20% Bonus)
  • Mischief Bonus: 35 or more breakables smashed (+8% Bonus)
  • Vandal Bonus: 46 or more breakables smashed (+10% Bonus)
  • Ransack Bonus: 56 or more breakables smashed (+15% Bonus)


Pack: The Red Fens
Arc: Red Fens
Flag for: Into the Deep
Heroic Level: 9
Epic Level: 21
Bestowed by:  Craneclaw
Length: Long
Takes Place in: Ancient Ziggurat
Found in: House Kundarak
Entrance in:  The Red Fens

Heroic XP

Casual: 2,385
Normal: 4,204
Hard: 4,432
Elite: 4,660
Reaper: 82.4 RXP per skull

Epic XP

Casual: 11,477
Normal: 19,779
Hard: 20,428
Elite: 21,078
Reaper: 125.6 RXP per skull


Patron: House Kundarak
Solo/Casual: 2
Normal: 5
Hard: 10
Elite: 15
Fathom the Depths Map.png

Known Traps

Sonic trap in hall just before room the lever to drop the barriers is - only shows after barriers are dropped
  On the south wall before the trap
Sonic trap in swim hall after lever just before the secret door
  On north wall before trap
Sonic trap in second swim hall right after shrine room
  On west wall before trap
Sonic trap in swim room after shrines just after previous trap
  On north wall in the trap
Grease trap in room with boss
  On the south east corner of the platform in the middle of the room
Air jets in optional treasure room in all four corners


Locked chest in hidden area behind lever