Crown of Retribution

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Enhancement Crown of Retribution Icon.png

Crown of Retribution

Ranks: 1
Action Points (per rank): 2
Cooldown: 15 Seconds

  • Toggle: You remove your Shield of Condemnation from yourself and transfer it to an ally
    • The Shield of Condemnation manifests itself on them while they remain with in the are of your Aura of Menace.
    • Enemies that strike your ally while this is active take and additional 1d8+1 points of light damage from your divine wrath.
  • This ability can only be used once per rest, and can only target another player or a hireling.
  • Lasts 10 Minutes
Enhancement Crown of Retribution Icon.png

Angel of Vengeance - Crown of Retribution

  • 20 Action Points spent in Tree
  • Favored Soul 4