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Belt of the Sun Soul

From DDO Compendium

File:Belt of the Sun Soul Icon.png

Belt of the Sun Soul

Minimum Level: 20



  • Constitution +7: Passive: +7 Enhancement bonus to Constitution.
  • Insightful Wisdom +2: Passive: +2 Insight bonus to Wisdom.
  • Concentration +15: +15 Competence bonus to Concentration.
  • Way of the Sun Soul: This item is one of three parts of the Way of the Sun Soul set. When all three items from the set are equipped and you are centered, you will gain +2 to To-Hit and Damage rolls. In addition, when you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll that is confirmed as a critical hit, you will gain a temporary benefit based on the elemental stance you are in, if any:
Material: This item is made out of: Cloth
Hardness: 21 Durability: 120

The Order of the Sun Soul is a monastic order dedicated to the welfare of the common folk of Faerûn. This simple, braided cloth belt can help focus your thoughts.

Base Value: 8,005 Platinum.png  0.10 lbs

Where To Find:

Tellie Scavelman: Purchase for 5 Commendation: Villagers of Eveningstar
Vendor Location Qty Price