A Study in Sable

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Sir Ebermund was savagely attacked while visiting Sable Manor, ancestral home of Lord Sable. It's up to you to discover who or what is behind the assault.


Winne Harker is all in a panic. It seams that Sir Ebermund Harker was attacked in the Sable Manor on the first night of his visit. The Purple Dragon Knights need someone to investigate the issue before more people are attacked.


  • Speak with Sir Ebermund
  • Try to determine the vampire's current thrall: 4 total
  • Explore the hedge maze
  • Explore the wine cellar
  • Explore the attic
  • Explore the west chambers
  • (Optional) Save one of the guests
  • (Optional) Save two of the guests
  • (Optional) Save three of the guests
  • (Optional) Save all four of the guests
  • (Optional) Defeat Willem the Werewolf
  • (Optional) Defeat Wollstonecraft the Flesh Golem
  • (Optional) Read all of Lucille's journals

Named Loot


This quest requires you to gather objects, and then give those objects to NPCs when it is their turn. This is done by determining which of the remaining NPCs is a thrall, and talking to them when you have specific items in your inventory. Below is a table that shows the NPC, their dialog the indicates they are the thrall, and the two items you must have. If the items are not in the same persons inventory, then it can bug out, so trade them around as necessary.

There are two types of items, Area Items (items that are found in the latest open area). These are what makes the thrall receptive of the item below. This you can give to the wrong person, and then the NPC that is the thrall will become an enemy at the end fight.

The second item is specific to the NPC and can only be given to that NPC. These are all findable before talking to Sir Ebermund the first time.

Alyk Glenweir
  • Day: By the fireplace in the great hall
  • Night: Second floor, center room on west side
The voice it calls to me! So clear, so strong so commanding.Strong Sleeping Drought
Dareon Krenner
  • Day: Library (middle room on east side of first floor)
  • Night: Second bedroom from the top on the northwest side of the second floor
It's so quiet here, so peaceful, I could just stay here forever without a thought in my mind.Mystic Maze
Flora Reynard
  • Day: The landing between floors 1 and 2
  • Night: Southeast bedroom on the second floor
  • Day: So many valuables, they must not be disturbed.
  • Day: So many fine possessions, gathered over centuries! They must not be disturbed!
  • Night: We should not prowl about the house at night.
  • Amulet of the Medusa
    Sir Chadrus Thruling
    • Day: outside northwest hallway of the first floor
    • Night: Second bedroom from the bottom on the southeast side of the second floor
    How grand it will be to see the master of the house.Hunter's Map

    Bonus XP

    • Aggression Bonus: 34 or more monsters killed (+10% Bonus)
    • Onslaught Bonus: 67 or more monsters killed (+15% Bonus)
    • Conquest Bonus: 100 or more monsters killed (+25% Bonus)
    • Tamper Bonus: 3 or more traps disarmed (+10% Bonus)
    • Ingenious Debilitation Bonus: 4 or more traps disarmed (+30% Bonus)
    • Observance Bonus: 1 or more secret doors discovered (+8% Bonus)
    • Mischief Bonus: 39 or more breakables smashed (+8% Bonus)
    • Vandal Bonus: 51 or more breakables smashed (+10% Bonus)
    • Ransack Bonus: 63 or more breakables smashed (+15% Bonus)


    Free To Play
    Epic Level: 26
    Bestowed by:  Winne Harker
    Length: Long
    Takes Place in: Sable Manor
    Found in: Eveningstar
    Entrance in:  Eveningstar

    Epic XP

    Casual: 13,194
    Normal: 22,629
    Hard: 23,267
    Elite: 23,905
    Reaper: 143.6 RXP per skull


    Patron: Purple Dragon Knights
    Solo/Casual: 4
    Normal: 9
    Hard: 18
    Elite: 27
    A Study in Sable Map.png

    Known Traps

    Pressure plates on the roof near the Wollstonecraft optional
      Pressure plates themself
    Spell ward in the cellar
      The spell ward itself
    Explosion effects when Dretch's appear