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Update 42 Patch 1

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Update 42 splash image.jpg
The Masterminds of Sharn Expansion
Release Information
Released on May 21, 2019
  • Items
    • The Boarding Pass: Sharn now allows you to select one of the following four teleport locations: Clifftop Tower District, Sharn Docks, ** Alcorin's Forge, and the Drunken Dragon Tavern.
    • Nearly Finished Crafting now has appropriate upgrading costs.
    • The Shards of Mechanus Filigree set now has an appropriate drop rate.
    • Fixed a display issue with the Bronze Dragonscale Plate.
    • Fixed a display issue with the Turncoat and Wildwood outfit.
    • Erroneous daggers no longer appear in the loot lists of Masterminds of Sharn.
    • Fixed an issue where some cosmetics were given an improper minimum level.
  • Monsters
    • Otyugh Disease can now be properly dispelled with Cure Disease.
    • Goblin Sharpshooters no longer have maces in addition to bows.
    • Human Vaunt Security rares now have weapons.
  • Quests and Adventure Areas:
    • Masterminds of Sharn

​*** The Sharn Story Saga now has a chance to drop a choice one of three random Minor Artifacts out of the full list of ten. ​*** End chests in Masterminds of Sharn now have a small chance to drop Minor Artifacts. ​*** Corrected a variety of stuck spots.

    • A Sharn Welcome

​*** Corrected an issue with damage reduction on the Wash and Dry optional bosses.

    • Best Laid Plans

​*** Fixed an issue that could prevent the final battle from triggering if players looped through the basement prior to going into the manager's office. ​*** The objective messaging has been updated for the final wave battle.

    • Sagas

​*** Saga NPCs now properly display their rewards, and the Cogs Saga NPCs are once again available. ​*** The Epic Sharn Saga can now be completed by any player at or above level 20.

    • No Refunds

​*** A hidden optional chest can now be picked.

    • Same Old Song

​*** The giant optional now has its proper Spellcraft check. ​*** Fixed an issue where players could get the end chest but not complete the dungeon.

    • Security Detail

​*** The proper chest now spawns when completing the rogue optional.

    • Smash and Burn

​*** The end chest is now accessible even for players with a Jump skill lower than three.

    • The Cogs

​*** The name "Cogs Dweller" has been added to flavor NPCs in the village biome. ​*** A random encounter that was spawning too close to a wall has been adjusted.

    • Spells

​*** Tactical Detonation's knockdown portion is now traited as Knockdown so players and monsters who are immune to knockdown are now properly immune to the effect.

Update Loot