White Plume Mountain

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The Gatekeeper's portal takes you to the bottom of a collapsed staircase somewhere deep underground. At the foot of the stairs a corpse greets you with an empty stare. Something is clutched in its hand.


The Gatekeepers are asking you to acquire the codex found in the mountain.


  • Acquire the Codex Page
  • Acquire the Sword Crest
  • Acquire the Hammer Crest
  • Acquire the Trident Crest
  • Gain entry to the treasure chamber
  • Defeat the Efreet
  • (Optional) Defeat Burket & Snarla
  • (Optional) Defeat Bluto's Ambush
  • (Optional) Slay Drek the Sly
  • (Optional) Slay Gorgo
  • (Optional) Slay Brog the Mighty
  • (Optional) Slay Veck the Necromancer

Named Loot

Patch History

Update 46: White Plume Mountain moved from the Hall of Heroes (Eberron) to The Gatekeepers' Grove.

Bonus XP

  • Neutralization Bonus: 2 or more traps disarmed (+20% Bonus)
  • Observance Bonus: 1 or more secret doors discovered (+8% Bonus)


Pack: White Plume Mountain and Other Tales

White Plume Mountain Map.png
Heroic Level: 9
Legendary Level: 32

Bestowed by:  Raheen the Gatekeeper

Length: Long
Takes Place in: White Plume Mountain
Found in: The Gatekeepers' Grove
Entrance in:  The Gatekeepers' Grove

Heroic XP

Casual: 3,487
Normal: 6,148
Hard: 6,484
Elite: 6,820
Reaper: 50+32.4 per skull

Legendary XP

Casual: 23,153
Normal: 39,546
Hard: 40,504
Elite: 41,461
Reaper: 2*(50+115.2) per skull


Patron: The Gatekeepers
Solo/Casual: 2
Normal: 5
Hard: 10
Elite: 15