Way of the Tenacious Badger

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Enhancement Way of the Tenacious Badger Icon.png

Way of the Tenacious Badger

Ranks: 1
Points (per rank): 2

At levels 1, 3, 9 and 15, gain:

  • +1 Intimidate
  • Whenever you are below 50% health
    • +1 Passive Ki Generation
    • +.25[W]


  • When meditating:
    • You generate Ki slower

Like a badger, you are most dangerous when grievously injured. You gain +1 to your Intimidate skill, and whenever you are below 50% health, your passive Ki regen is increased by one and you deal +0.25[W] additional damage. Your patience has suffered however, and you generate Ki slower when meditation. At monk levels 3, 9, and 15, the skill bonus increases by 1 and the damage bonus increases by +0.25[W].
Selection option for: Elemental Words
  • 1 Points spent
  • Monk 1