Warlock Pacts

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Every Warlock chooses one of the six Pacts at character creation: Fey, Fiend, Great Old One, Celestial, The Abyss or The Carceri Storm. This defines the source of the Warlock's power and determines several variables for the Warlock's development. The choice is permanent.


Each of the pacts available for warlocks have different basic requirements and benefits. These are listed below:

Pact Alignment Pact Damage Type Damage Save Save Bonus
Fey Any alignment Sonic Reflex Reflex
Fiend Non-Good alignments Fire Fortitude Fortitude
Great Old One Non-Lawful alignments Acid Will Will
Celestial Good Electric Reflex Will
The Abyss Non-Good alignments Negative Fortitude Fortitude
Carceri Storm Any alignment Cold Will Will

Pact Damage[edit]

As shown above, each pact gets specific types of damage per pact. That starts +1d8 extra damage to your Eldritch Blast based on your pact; this will increase by +1d8 every even Warlock levels, for a total of 10d8 at level 20.

Elemetal Resistance[edit]

Warlocks gain bonuses to elemental resistance granted at class level 10 based on your pact.

Fey Fiend Great Old One Celestial The Abyss Carceri Storm
  • +5 Sonic Resistance
  • +5 Acid Resistance
  • +5 Fire Resistance
  • +5 Electric Resistance
  • +1 Fire Resistance
  • +1 Cold Resistance
  • +1 Acid Resistance
  • +1 Electric Resistance
  • +1 Sonic Resistance
  • +5 Cold Resistance

Bonus Spells[edit]

Warlocks get bonus feats that adds spells to their spell book at levels 2, 5, 9, 14, 17 and 19. These spells are dependent on which pact was chose. The spells are listed below.

Level Fey Fiend Great Old One Celestial The Abyss Carceri Storm
Level 2 Obscuring Mist Command Entangle Bless Mage Armor Merfolk's Blessing
Level 5 Blindness Rage Knock Soundburst Spawn Screen Gust of Wind
Level 9 Slow Fire Shield Phantasmal Killer Magic Circle Against Evil Halt Undead Creeping Cold
Level 14 Greater Dispel Magic Binding Chain Dominate Person Prayer Death Aura Ice Storm
Level 17 Otto's Sphere of Dancing Power Word: Blind Mass Suggestion Holy Aura Symbol of Pain Niac's Biting Cold
Level 19 Otto's Irresistible Dance Howl of Terror Power Word: Kill Freedom of Movement Rend the Soul Greater Creeping Cold

Special Abilities[edit]

Warlocks gain special abilities at level 6 and 15. These abilities are dependent on the pact. The table below lists the abilities that they receive at each level.

Pact First Ability (Level 6) Second Ability (Level 15)
Fey Dark Delirium Misty Escape
Fiend Dark One's Luck Hurl through Hell
Great Old One Entropic Ward Create Thrall
Celestial Celestial Attunement Ameliorate
The Abyss Unhallowed Flesh Channel the Abyss
Carceri Storm Frozen Footsteps Absolute Zero