Update 67.2.1

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Release Information
Released on May 1, 2024

News and Notes:

  • Xatheral now better recognizes the record of claims and purchases on a player's account when claiming Year of the Dragon gifts. Xatheral has been re-enabled, and players who have not yet selected their "Curate Your Xpack Cache" gift can now do so. Read more about this latest Year of the Dragon gift on DDO.com.
  • An NPC will arrive in a near future game update that will allow for the extension of the "Curate Your Xpack Cache" gift period while the next Year of the Dragon gift is active. We'll have more information on timing soon.
  • The Focus Orb will no longer display incorrect targets.
  • The guild airship Farshifter's option to "Send me some place else" now properly displays in the UI. However, we have temporarily removed the recently-introduced option to travel to the Gatekeeper's Grove by speaking to the Farshifter. We will bring this option back in the near future.
  • The deprecated versions of Temple of Elemental Evil Adventure Compendium listings have been removed. Players who earned Favor from these deprecated versions of ToEE quests will see their total Favor reduced.