Update 61.1

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Vecna Unleashed
Release Information
Released on September 13, 2023

Of Special Note:

A new raid is now available!

A new raid is now available for everyone who has access to Vecna Unleashed! "Fire Over Morgrave" is a Legendary difficulty raid at level 32. The raid giver can be reached by talking to Geth, who is a Gargoyle in the upper Morgrave public area, just past the Vecna Unleashed Part One quest givers. Vecna has hatched a plot to strike back for your recent meddling in his plans! He has enlisted a Balor General and given him access to Ebberon, promising the demon a new world to conqueror! Stop Vecna's plan for revenge!

News and Notes:


  • We have corrected an issue that could cause some projectiles to fail to fire if their origin point was inside of some decorative objects, such as twigs.
  • Fixed some undead that were not being damaged by healing in Vecna Unleashed.
  • Mounted players will no longer dismount when riding past the tavern on the Morgrave University bridge. (But note: in order to change spells etc. you will need to enter the tavern area, which will dismount you as normally happens in taverns.)
  • Players can no longer enter the boss fight in "Vecna Denied" after the boss fight starts.
  • Quest - "The Evil We Know"
    • Kexxalt, the Sahuagin miniboss in the Hall of the Devourer, now allows players to pass through him when he is defeated just in case he is standing in a doorway.
    • All of the Doppelgangers are now properly named "Devout Doppelganger" as they should be.
    • Fixed a string table error with the pirate captain.
  • Corrected a possible stuck spot in "What Dreams May Come".
  • The transport NPC to the Basilica of the Dark Six is now easier to click on.
  • A dretch optional now properly activates in the quest "Vecna Unleashed".
  • The exit portal at the start of "Enemy of my Enemy" now has its proper background.
  • Monster Manual
    • The Overworked Assistant now properly count as a Human instead of a Wolf.
    • The Hidden Hand Skullguard now properly counts as a Skeleton instead of a Human.
  • Unequipping a Glamered or Cosmetic bow will no longer break your animations or combat style.
  • Electrocution in Stormsinger now has its correct tooltip text.
  • Freedom of Movement, Mass and True Seeing, Mass now have their correct maximum targets.
  • Bonus DCs for Quivering Palm are now at their proper +4 per stack instead of +2.
  • The Gilded Warforged Owl is no longer called a Raven by mistake.
  • Loading screens have been corrected for some Vecna Unleashed quests.
  • A fisherperson on the docks near Gatekeepers Grove in The Harbor now sits on the dock properly.
  • The Magus of the Eclipse ability Time Stop no longer causes bosses or raid bosses to stop attacking, and no longer sets the helpless condition on bosses. Bosses will now take 60% more damage from all sources other than Bane similar to a Vulnerability effect.

Balance adjustments:

  • Swashbuckler
    • The Action Point cost of the Double Strike Action Boost has been reduced to 1 action point per rank.
  • Archmage
    • Damage dice of SLAs has been increased to match modern values.
    • Damage SLAs now scale with highest of all spell schools.
    • Energy of the Scholar's Spell Point cost has been increased to 100 in its third rank.
  • Harper
    • Increase universal to match 1 mp/rp = 3 universal.
    • Harper Leadership now has its proper minimum level.
  • Sorc
    • Tier 5 Spell Like Abilities now scale with Evocation and Conjuration.
  • Vistani
    • Fan of Knives now breaks breakables.
  • Frenzied Berzerker
    • Power Rage has had its Action Point cost reduced to 1 per rank.
  • Ninja Spy
    • Diversion now grants +5 to Assassinate DCs when active.
    • Shadow Double Tier 5 now grants +5 Assassinate DCs when active.
    • Crippling Strike Tier 5 now grants +3 Assassinate DCs.
    • Critical Multiplier in Core 20 moves to Core 18.
    • Flash Bang and Touch of Death now factor in Assassinate bonuses.
    • Poison Exploits now scales with higher of Melee/Ranged Power.
    • Deadly Exploits is now fixed, is 1 rank 2AP, causes your poison exploit to deal double damage, and scales with higher of melee/ranged power.
  • Warpriest/Warsoul
    • Divine Vessel is now just a Cleave, no stack requirements.
  • Falconry
    • Practiced Accuracy now has a 3rd rank.
  • Nature's Protector
    • Rage of the Beast, Primal Beast, and Enduring Beast now have 3rd ranks.
  • Battle Engineer
    • The Critical Multiplier in Core 20 moves to Core 12.
  • Dark Apostate
    • Imbue dice moved to 1d8 to match other Spell Power scaling imbues.
  • Arcanotechnician
    • Core 1 is now: you gain 5 Electric, Force, and Fire spell power per core, and 1 universal spell power per point spent in the tree.