Update 61.0.1

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Vecna Unleashed Splash.jpg
Vecna Unleashed
Release Information
Released on August 18, 2023

News and Notes:

  • The NPCs The Traveler and Saphelsa Stamiss have now returned.
  • Grant Theft Aureon:
    • Corrected an issue that could cause a loss of access to the end chest if a player exits the end of the quest through a dimension door.
  • Law and Order:
    • The teleportation door for the boss room at the end of the quest now goes to its proper location.
  • The Bark and The Blade:
    • The Door into the manufactory can no longer be opened prior to speaking with The Lord of Blades.
    • The Iron Defender companion now properly gets back up after initial defeat.
    • Fixed a typo in The Lord of Blades' text.
  • The Evil We Know:
    • This quest now properly applies the Boon of the Dark Six to players after completion.
    • Corrected text in the buff Boon of the Dark Six.
  • Turn the Page:
    • This quest now has its proper end chest.
  • Metamagic Feat toggles now work correctly.